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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

ABC family car game

Driving alone, I can't play the ABC car game.  But I do enjoy watching and trying to figure out personalized plates.  My father's is BACK40 (a farming term for the 40 acres out back; a field, also our last name.) As I've been walking through parking lots, I have been taking pictures of plates.  None of the cars were in motion during the taking of these photos!  (Picture taking while driving is as bad as texting and driving - just saying.)

Here are some of the plates that I've seen over the last two weeks.  I think I've figured most of them out but it would be interesting to talk to the owners and see if what I am seeing is what they intended to say.  My father's plate stumps alot of people.  My first car the plate was EVY 628.  I called her "Evie".  So even before there were personized plates, I had my own kind of personalized plate.  Check out the pictures and see if you agree with me.

Ahead of you! Nani-nani poo poo!
Top Notch - personalized plates are a perfect place to express an attitude!
Kennel-up!  My kind of people that love their dogs!
Soccer bum - says it all
Full of Love....788 hugs,  oh...that isn't a personalized plate?
Modern day Pirates!  Watch out matey!
,,,not the bears. It is a company in Opol, Minnesota.
a Head All; Hey Doll: the last name Hedahl? I don't get this one.
Ignore It!? But it is right in front of my nose! 

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