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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, November 19, 2012

The blessing of a warm day

The temperature in the high 40's to low 50's made it easy to take the dogs to the park.  Oh they loved chasing each other around.  They ran into the lake for a drink.  The wind was blowing away from shore so the crystal clear water showed every weed, shell, and tiny water bug swimming robustly in the cool water.

As the sun shone down and glistened in the water lighting the dogs from every side.  I tried to capture it on my cell phone wishing that I had my real camera with me.  The lake is severely low.  The dock that stays in the water year round is resting on the bottom. 

Thanksgiving is a few short days away, yet it is so warm.  I don't like cold weather and excessive snow but it is natural and expected at this time of year.  Anything else just doesn't feel right.  I am being torn as I feel guilty for enjoying the warmer than average weather. 

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Duchess Drinking in Clear Lake
Cell Phone Photo by Trisha Field
Pier on the Bottom of the Lake
Cell Photo by Trisha Field
My Jenny Running in the Lake
Cell Photo by Trisha Field
My Jenny Walking in the Lake
Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Clear Lake

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