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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Transport to another world...

...far, far away in a remote land (outside of Shakopee, MN) as you pass through the wooden gates you become transported back in time to the days of the Renaissance.  Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies abound.  On the street corners are belly dancers and jugglers (men in tights).

This was the time that the arts exploded, paper making, printing, glass blowers all demonstrate their trade.  In booths along the way many other craftsmen and women, sell their unique goods. When you need to it and rest, choose a stage and sit down for a show.  Drama, court jesters, jugglers, poets and tory stellers are their to amuse you.  But do be careful as some of the jokes your children may ask for an explanation that you may not want to give.

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