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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, September 14, 2012

S L O W w w M O w w w T I O N

Have you ever had something happen and as you are going through it you feel like you are in slow motion? I remember as a teenager I was bicycling down Oakland Avenue by the cemetary.  I don't remember who I was with but a car came towards us and crossed the center line.  We got as close together as possible.  Ooops it was too close. The bikes tangled together and in slow motion our bikes went down and we went flying onto the grass. 

I remember watching one of the Star Trek movies and the people had learned to "live in the moment."  During an enjoyable moment life would go into slow motion in the immediate area allowing them to live longer surrounded by the pleasure.

So why is it my moments of slow motion are always painful?  This morning I was leaving my house with my cloth bag on my shoulder.  My foot hit the threshhold just WRONG and my ankle rolled. I still had my hand on the door handle.  My other foot was getting pinched in the door as I held onto that handle. My only choice even though my footing was not stable was to let go.  I went into automatic mode and I must have tucked and rolled.  I landed with my head towards the house and my feet away from the house. The strap of the bag was wrapped several times around my arm and the bag was above my head.

I figure my guardian angel wrapped it's arms around me and gave me a big hug as I rolled. Nothing was broken, scraped or scratched. Sore muscles but nothing feels like it was even deeply bruised.  Duchess and Sid came over to take care of me.  Oh I can't wait to get a deck put on here.   

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