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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Sidewalk is DONE!

A friend of ours had a sand that is designed to go between pavers.  You sweep it into the cracks, tamp the pavers to knock the sand in deeper the sweep more sand in.  Then you wet down the sand and it sets like concrete not letting any weeds grow. 

Well, these aren't pavers.  And tamping would only break the poured stones.  Also, the sand is not meant to be level with the top of the stone.  It is meant to look more like grout between tiles.  My sweet boyfriend helped even though he didn't quite agree with me. 

Personally, I love it.  One of the dogs when I was pouring stepped on a stone and left a paw print.  I didn't notice it in time to fix.  So I decided to accentuate the flaw and I took golden oak stain to stain the print.  Using que-tips I carefully dabbed the stain into the print.

Next year I hope to get the deck built. 

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