Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
Planning to give away a book or two!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Second-Hand Tuxedo was ePublished last week. I had an option to allow the book to be "given" away for any 5 days that I choose. As a self-published author with a very small exposure base, the free days allows my book to be highlighted to people (free advertising) and theoretically for every person that reads it and likes it more wil be sold. (Tell a friend theory.)  I chose Saturday as the first day. 

With the excitement of the concert, I forgot about the book.  I looked online at 10:30PM and 713 copies had been given away. After nearly having a heart attack, I though WOW! Then the mixed feelings started. 

* given away = no money
        Ah shoot
        Did I do the right thing?
        Should I do more of these?
* given away = people that have never heard of me are now reading my book
* given away may = hopefully more sales
         That would be neat.
* Exhausted, but sleep wouldn't come.  Free books were averaging 1 every other minute. How many would go out?

Sunday morning when I checked 856 books had been given away in the main site, 26 at, and 4 at so it is now an international book.  Time will tell.  I am choosing to be excited! The book is moving international! Nearly 1000 people I've never met are reading my book.  YEAH!

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