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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Walking into my 10 year plan ...

In 2003 I opened "Country Classics Spa" out long term plan was to create a B & B or hotel for people to come to as a retreat.  The first place we looked at was a hobby farm with a barn that we wanted to renovate.  But it was too much for the condition the latest it was in.  We found a place but it was the wrong time to open a day spa and salon.  It was at the beginning of the recession.  It didn't work for us. 
The Inn at Dunvilla
Thursday evening I arrived at Dunvilla.  I couldn't help but think "That was what I wanted Country Classics Spa to look like.  It was where my 10 year plan was going."  Instead the owners have created a hotel with event center next door.  Maybe someday they will add a small salon and spa on the site?!?!
Clean and comfy room
Instead of using the elevator, I used the stairwell.  At the bottom of the stairwell was this old telephone booth.  It is a hang on the wall, rotary dial, pay phone with an extra long cord.
Antique pay phone booth
Quaint and comfortable yet a touch of class that makes me think of a modern day cowgirl.  I am impressed with the way they are able to marry class together with rustic.  Just look at the sign for the road introducing the the entry to "The barn" and "The shop" at Dunvilla.
Are we there yet? are here!
You are at "The Barn at Dunvilla"  It is an event center.  Although throughout the summer they get booked full with weddings there are so many activities that would be a fabulous fit.  I saw the space and I immediately thought of a quilting retreat or a fibers retreat with quilting, knitting, crocheting, and spinning all together.  Then I thought of a scrap-booking or card making retreats.  This is a multi-purpose facility.
The Barn
We were there for our quarterly business meeting.  We had the meeting area that fit everyone: snacks and non-alcoholic drinks set up by the bar (under the red "the barn" sign), areas for team breakout sessions, a meal serving area and separate area for eating. They even have a large number of plugins along the walls for sewing machine or knitting machines!
Rustic and Elegant
I have a tendency to look at things differently.  I'm not sure if this was an intentional design but throughout "the barn"  they have mixed touches of elegance with the rustic style. At times the rustic seems to be front and center but then the next minute you think that the elegance is front and center.  It would be easy to use the setup of the venue to create whichever focus that is important to you.
Elegant and Rustic
Between the Inn and the Barn there is a water feature with trees.  I could see a trellis set up by the edge of the water and a unique tree trunk.  I would love to see the place in the summer.  There were a few places that looked perfect for some splash of color (as in a garden).  In good weather, you can park at the hotel and walk to the barn.  It was -5 when I got up in the morning.  I wimped out and drove over. It looked like everyone else did too.
Photo opportunities

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