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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, March 31, 2017

Eagle Cam

I think that it is absolutely amazing some of the 24 hour cameras.  I'm not sure why but I turned the Eagle Camera on my second monitor for a short time today when I wasn't using it.  One of the parents was sitting on the nest.  I'm not sure if it was the mother or the father. These are from the Decorah, Iowa Eagle Camera at
Parent 1
Something caught the corner of my eye.  The parent had stepped away revealing 2 young chicks and one egg that looked like it was partially hatched.
Eagle chicks
Feeding time was interesting.  The parent would pick apart a small piece of fish meat.  Holding it carefully in it's own beak the baby would take it out of the parents mouth.  There were many times that the baby dropped the food or had too large of a piece of food to swallow.
Feeding time ... baby Eagle
The second parent came onto the nest for a short time both adults were at the nest together.  Then they switched places.
Mom and Dad Eagle
They weren't there together for too long when parent 1 flew away.  Parent 2 fed the chicks before settling back down to keep them warm.
Parent 2
Again, I am going to encourage you to go to live Eagle cam at  At times they even zoom in and out so that you can have a clearer view of the chicks or full nest depending on what is happening at the time..

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