Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hope and smiles

I saw my first robin today! There is hope for springtime! A robin on March 9th 09/03/2017. (My camera time is off.... this was taken during lunchtime.) I'm showing the first two pictures out of order to match my post title. 
My first robin of 2017!
I came downstairs for lunch and the dogs were being very unsettled. I think they knew I was heading out on a business trip. I needed to pack so I took a few minutes and put them in the spare bedroom with Dale for a nap.
Doberman snuggle time
As I was packing up my computer,  all 4 dogs stood at the end of my desk looking at me.  As soon as I flipped the camera on, they all looked at the table behind me. They don't like the flash. 
Doberman time: It is 4 dog-o'clock
But look at those beauties! Don't they make you smile?!?!

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