Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Investment or Waste?

I have been self-publishing books for a few years now.  Over the years, a few things have changed.  When I started, it was all about printed books.  There may have been electronic books but they would have been the cutting edge.  It cost several thousand dollars to publish a novella.

I started the "Goodwill Mystery Series".  We met Evelyn in "Second-Hand Tuxedo" as she investigated the Tuxedo and matching gowns dropped off at the Goodwill. Then in "The Man I Was" Evelyn helped a man with amnesia face his past.  You have all been patiently waiting for the next book.  "Trusted Friends" will explore some of the most likely and unlikely friendships.
Books 1 & 2 of the Goodwill Mystery Series
Yesterday I chose to take on a challenge.  It is Kristen Joy's "Kindle in 30 day challenge".  It is a challenge to write, publish and begin marketing a book on amazon in 30 days.  Since I have this book written already, I should be able to make this deadline.

Nothing is for free.  I could have turned my manuscript over to a publisher and had them help me prep the e-book for about $400. So I think that it is a pretty good deal to pay just under $500 (payable in installments) in order to learn how to prep the work myself.  It isn't going to stop there.

I think that I am going to take a few books that I've written in the past and break them down. For instance I wrote a story which I had called "Hidden in Plain Sight" I will rename as a series of books and break it down by 6-10,000 word books.

For those that enjoy the printed book.  I will learn how to create a POD "printed on demand" book.  With current technology, you will be able to order a POD book using Amazon Prime and get a printed book in just a few days.

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