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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our first storm

I worked through lunch yesterday so that I could leave early and meet some old friends for supper.  We haven't gotten together for about 3 years.
First Hail of 2017
The electricity went out at 4:07 as lightening flashed and thunder boomed close enough to rattle the house. Luckily the hail here stayed small. A few miles down the road it was reported as golf ball sized and larger.
The backside of thunderstorms and tornadoes
I left at 4:25 and turned around just past the neighbors driveway. In that short distance the street went from a light rain to heavy rain and hail! We were on the edge of the storm. (Under the rainbow.) I waited about 15 more minutes to to allow the storm to pass.
Rainbow over the lake
I saw some beautiful views on the drive. Including a rainbow out my left window as an eagle flew towards me out the right window.  When I got out of my car at the bridge to take a picture of the rainbow, a flock of birds flew under the rainbow.
Rainbow and Geese
In memory of my mother, "Somewhere under the rainbow, geese fly North .... confused by the warm weather they've lost their formation." (She often started singing a song and made up her own words.)

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