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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A dilemma but not for me

The dogs were barking. That was nothing new. But when I looked up from my computer I saw the cat that was stuck above the barn door.
Spunky has a dilemma
Spunky is my most mischievous barn cat. Spunky was pacing back and forth. The board that was used to climb up to the top looked a lot scarier from the other direction.  The paws came down and went back up, then went down and back up.
Going down?
I wasn't worried.  All that I needed to do is walk outside and over by the barn.  Spunky would have dashed without thinking.  Spunky is very afraid of people.  In the level of fears, the people coming would have outranked the board that was at too steep of an angle.
OHHH! I'm almost there!
Those front paws started to reach down.  But the window sill was too far down!  Suddenly Spunky realized that there was a point of no return and it was passed. In a leap of faith, Spunky reached the window sill.
Half down! But it is still pretty far down!
Once the halfway point was reached, the rest of the trip was a breeze.  Spunky sauntered into the barn like nothing ever happened!  I wonder if that trip will ever be repeated?
Made it! Now into the barn

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