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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Planting Time

From the bathroom, to the garden to the table, let's recycle!  I have been driving Dale crazy for the past 18 months saving toilet paper rolls.  But there was a purpose!  (I save everything for a purpose.  LOL)
Empty toilet paper & paper towel rolls
I cut 4 small slits in the bottom of the roll (at about equal points.)  That means you will create 4 equal size tabs at the bottom of the roll.
Make 4 slits
You will know that the depth is correct if the tabs roll in equally on all four sides.  Yes, fold them in so that you have a bottom of the roll that will help to hold in the dirt.
Creating a bottom
This next step is the fundamental.  Label the rolls.  I hope that the pen that I chose will be sufficient to make it all the way to planting time!
Label Rolls
Fill each roll with dirt.  Make sure that you pack it down a bit or the water will settle it too far and you won't have an effective planter.
Fill with dirt
Place your seed on the top and push in slightly.  Then cover it with dirt.  Make sure that you don't tip these over because there will be no finding your seed again.
Planting Time
It is the same with watering.  Especially when you start, sometimes the dirt will float over the top (with the seeds).  Give only a little water and repeat several time until there is sufficient moisture.
Carefully Water
I use two sheets of saran wrap to create a cover that will provide a greenhouse effect during germination.
Create greenhouse effect
Normally I hang the light almost on top of the rolls.  But I misplaced my chains and had to buy new ones.
I tried to publish this before, but for some reason it failed.  Stay tuned for updates on the plants that were pre-started!

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