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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Walk of shame ....

Buddy wast he first sheep to go through the process of sheering. The steers and the donkeys had their noses up to the slots in the pen watching the process.  
Norman and Ethan check out Buddy's new look
As soon as buddy was released, they all had to check him out.  He acted as if he was doing the "walk of shame"! Poor boy.
Donny also comes to check out Buddy
Gizem fought getting caught (tooth and nail) but once he was in position and the sheering started, he was a little more behaved. This weekend if we hit the 70 degrees predicted, he will be happy that all the wool was gone.
Gizem "Mystery" looks so tiny without his wool
We stacked the fleeces in the corner until we were ready to carry them off.  After Cocoa was finished and before Creamer was started, the ewes stood in the corner sniffing the wool fleeces.  It was almost as if they were looking for the boys.
Creamer and Cocoa check out the wool fleeces
With the wool off, lambing will be easier.  It will also be easier for the baby lambs to feed.  Look at those round bellies.  I hope that it all goes well!  Time will tell.  Our sheerer grew up on a farm with sheep.  He expects them to lamb sometime just after Easter.
Two pregnant ewes ready for lambing
It is time for a trip to the mill with 2 years worth of fleece.  I tried washing, picking and combing last year but the process was enormously labor intensive without the professional machines.
Fleeces laid out on a 4 X 8 foot panel

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