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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day trip!

Jeanne was given several Llama pelts free.  It was almost as if she had her own Llama sheared. (No she doesn't have any Llama. Maybe one day?)

Instead of processing it herself,  she decided to take it to a mill for processing. I told her that I'd love to take half. She called and it was ready.  I guess this is a pro for being laid off. I was able make the day trip.

I am going to toot my horn here. The mill had a new POS (Point of Sale software.) Jeanne and I were going to pay half and half on credit cards.  Their program automatically submits the invoice amount to the credit card company. They had never split an invoice payment.  I taught them how. :^)  ....and I had never seen this software before.

Back to my day trip. We picked up nearly 65 pounds of Llama and sheep wool combined. There are two levels of brown a light and dark. When I got home, I tried spinning a little bit of both colors. It spun beautifully.  I wish that I had more time this evening to spin! I will share mor about the mill on another day.  

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