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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Poor puppy

I am not 100% sure what happened.  The puppies were out playing on the living room floor.  Some of the puppies were suckling and Duchess was playing with the others. Pretty soon Duchess turned her attention to Dale.

It wasn't much after that when we heard a high pitch yelp. We lifted Misty Blue up to find out that somehow the puppy ended up underneath her. It was well past the time that the vets office was open so the little boy slept in my arms until morning.

We found out that he had broken two side by side bones in his front leg. They put a splint on the leg and sent him home. He is now in his own little kennel and getting a lot of attention. He traveled to and from the vet in my laundry basket. This little male will be the one that we keep.  

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