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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Oh what a Friday it was! I was still tired from Thursday. Friday afternoon was the puppies well puppy check. We had to manage getting 11 puppies from the hobby farm to the vet. It was an event; but, we managed. 

We were about a mile north of Richmond, 2 miles from home, when we found a dog running down the middle of the highway. With help of other people nearby, we manage to get the dog. We now had 13 Dobermans and one stray dog in the van together. Once we were at home the stray dog stayed in the laundry room until its owners came.

We unloaded the puppies from the back of the van in the kennel out onto the snow. It was their first time in the snow. They didn't seem to mind it most of them decided to taste it. Hopefully it stays warm enough to get them out more this next week.

When I got in the house, I went on to the Facebook page lost dogs Minnesota and registered the dog we found. I printed for flyers and quickly drove them into town. On the way back I had to stop several times to take pictures. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous. It radiated so beautifully against the background of the farm and it reminded me why I love this place. So yes, TGIF!

I tossed a picture of our trusty Gloria in with the sunset pictures. She is always so happy to greet us when we come home. She is so faithful to protect the farm when we are gone.

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