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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Time for grandma's treat

This evening Misty Blue and I were playing toss and catch with her toys. She decided it was time to change to shake and she held up her right paw and I shook her paw and said "shake". Then she held up her left paw and I said "shake" and held out my hand and we shook.

We repeated back and forth several times. Then suddenly misty walked away. She went to her milk-bone treat box and grabbed a milk-bone. She came back to me and dropped the milk-bone in my lap.
I wasn't sure why she gave me the milk- bone. But I picked it up and offered it back to her she didn't want that so I broken into pieces and put my hand out to shake.I gave her part of the bone then I held up my other hand out to shake and gave her another part of my phone until the bone was gone.

I will never know if she meant "here gramma have a treat" or "gramma we're playing shake; I need a treat."

cell photo by Trisha
Misty Blue and Duchess
Misty Blue is sitting up on the couch. And Duchess is laying down on the couch.

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