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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, April 14, 2014

The commercialism of Easter

Okay, yes I mean Easter candy, the Easter Bunny, and our favorite little Easter bonnet. Like every holiday it has been commercialized.

I have to admit Easter candy is some of my favorite candy. It has been very difficult this year to walk by all that candy. I finally caved. I bought my three favorite Easter candies.

They are all Cadbury products. The Cadbury eggs, the Cadbury caramel eggs, and the milk chocolate eggs covered in them hard candy cover.

So in doing my research each miniature egg is 40 calories and 6 grams of carbs. The milk chocolate eggs I can have two or three at a time just stay within the same calorie and carb range.

It reminded me of when I was younger and I heard an interview with Lady Diana. She stated that she had her candy treats she would have a snack size Twix bar and she would eat one part and give the rest to her sons. I remember thinking how could you eat such a small amount of candy? But here I am and it's really not that bad.

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