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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring is pushing Winter out of the way!

Very literally winter is being pushed out of the way as the tulips and daffodils push out through the snow. Close to the house, the ground is warm enough to thaw the dirt so that the tulips can come up.

At my house I can see the crocuses are beginning to emerge along the edge of the garden. On the way home this afternoon I also saw a beautiful Robin perched on a stone pillar.

Then I met Dale out by the lake to walk the dogs. And to my surprise there were four wheelers and cars driving onto and off from the still frozen lake. Watching the guys drill holes in the ice, it looks like the ice was over 2 feet deep.

Fishing opener is one month away.   I need to wonder if the ice is going to be off the lake by then and if the water will be warm enough for the fish to bite.

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