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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A way to eliminate recycling plastic

I was in a meeting this evening and some friends cups caught my eye. I have seen a lot of people use canning jars to mix flavored drinks that are healthy. But as I looked at these jars I wondered "What do they have on the top?"

The canning company, Ball, has created a drinking top for the top of their canning jars. I was told that it comes with a straw. Looking at it, you can either drink from the top or use a straw with it and there's a little bitty air hole in the back so when you drink it flows nice and it doesn't spill.

I like this idea for many reasons. I like to make a flavored drink with ginger, cucumbers, mint, and lemon. But it's so difficult to wash the cups. This would solve my problem. I know; I'm trying not to buy more "things". But I might have to look for this because in the long run I think it would save money.

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