Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring house-cleaning (early)

I decided to begin Spring house-cleaning today.  First because I don't like cleaning so Spring house-cleaning takes me a LONG time.  But secondly, because I wanted to psych myself into the idea that Spring is coming close. 

I heard some sad statistics on the news today about the large number of days that our low temperature has been below zero.  It isn't news anymore.  The news is that by Wednesday or Thursday that they expect a full twenty-four hours above zero! WOO-hoo!

You need to understand the way that I do things.  I begin one thing here, they I end up moving something to there and I start another thing there.  That continues until I have four or five things going on at once and I get very excited to finish one or two.  It drives Dale crazy. But you now understand why I often can't find things after I clean.  :^)

I didn't accomplish enough to take a photo.  Maybe when I finish in 2016!  Ha-ha!

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