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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Tiny pleasures

As my sister called this adult cheese treats; Baby Bella cheese. I have been a little leary to try this new cheese that came out. But after my sisters raving about the white cheddar, I had to try it.
So here is my assessment. They are really really cute. Each little babybel white cheddar is 75 calories. They travel very easily. They are well-designed as the outer wrap has a little red tab that you pull open. Then the inner portion is another wrap that is made of a wax product that has two little tabs on it that you pull and it breaks it into a little Pacman type of a thing that you just open up. The cheese inside is soft and delicious.
I do have to say that they have won me over. This not only fits into my new eating style but it's also easy to travel with.

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