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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

An alligator parade

There are some people that are enjoying the winter weather. These people are the snowmobilers. Since Dale refers to snowmobile tracks as alligator tracks, I thought it was appropriate to call this an alligator parade. 

There was a special run on today that went between four different places (on snowmobiles). It was a fundraiser for cancer. I didn't realize it was going on until I drove by the first stop point. I was surprised to see so many snowmobiles at one spot.

It was obvious that all of the riders were enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the nice snow pack. It looks like they had nice snowmobiling all the way long the trip. I noticed that there were both adults and children on the snowmobiles.

So it is true there are people out there who really like this weather. But for me it's getting a little bit old I can't wait for spring.

I do have to note that I find it quite funny there is a "do not snow mobile here" sign across the street from my place. I see so many snowmobilers whip right past that sign ignoring it totally. It doesn't take them a couple minutes to come back. There's a 10 foot drop off at the other end of the park. This goes for everybody, read the signs. They are there for a reason.

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