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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, February 17, 2014


Do I need to say more than that?  I don't often have the stereotypical "bad Monday" but today is pushing the limits. 

First of all it snowed just over 4 inches, the plow packed a two foot drift across my driveway so I had to blow snow out of my driveway to get the dogs over to Dale's place.  I took an early lunch break to remove snow.  Before I could do that, Dale had to drop off the remote for the garage where the snow blower is stored.

As Dale drove up to drop off the remote, instead of stopping he sped up and a small vehicle came whizzing by (I'm not good at equipment names but I think it was a small skid-loader used for snow removal.)  My first reaction was, "WOW, they are moving fast. If they don't watch out they will run into the back of Dale's pickup."  It was a neighbor from down the road and I see him whip by periodically. 

What I found out a short time later was that they were chasing Dale around town.  Behind the skid-loader a ways was a pick-up with a plow.  They were all over town today so I didn't think anything about it. 

Then on the work aspect, two weeks of work disappeared with an update that was done last Friday.  After half an hour of negotiations, we figured a way to restore the back up so that I could move the work to a different environment.  WHEW! What a day!

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