Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Starting at the end of the day, the sunset was amazing!  It was a nice turn to a frustrating day.
On the wings of sunset
The dogs got some good "outside" time today. It was getting colder out and they prefer warm. So I tried to keep them running. 
Misty Blue, Duchess, Skyler and Sonjia
I took the 4 - wheeler to the end of the property. The dogs chased me and we got to see another view of the beautiful sunset.
Right after work I dug up the carrots. I took two out for the donkeys. They didn't make it that far. Gizem got the greens.  So I went back for more greens.
Gizem gets his carrot top
Cocoa and creamer enjoyed the treats! I am still keeping them in a separate pen overnight. 
Cocoa and Creamer enjoying carrot tops
Buddy didn't miss out.  He nudged his way in despite the steers enjoying the treat. 
Norman, Ethan and Buddy bite on the greens
With all the others getting in on the treat, what happened with the donkeys? They were each given one. Donny bit into his first.  
Danny digs his carrot
Danny bit into Donny ' s carrot but wouldn't eat his own until Donny started to eat that one.  I guess it worked out okay because they each munched on one then the second one until both carrots were gone.
Donny steals Danny's carrot

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