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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

What are Dobermans afraid of?

...the rain!  Well maybe afraid is the wrong word.  They don't like rain.  Today was a challenge for me because it rained a majority of the day.  When I noticed that they rain had let up, I'd take the dogs out for a short run.
Here comes another round of rain!
I missed the timing a couple of times.  We ended up getting rained on.  One time, it was sprinkling a little bit.  I chose to go out into the middle of the driveway.  It worked, the dogs followed me out.  They went potty quickly and ran into the barn and detached garage.  Then they looked at me like "why are you out there? You are getting wet!"
Run fast, the rain is coming
Yeah, my dogs know what they want and they have no problem telling me.  I guess that I need to learn how to understand them better. 

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