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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lifting our eyes to God

The last several days have been partly cloudy which makes for beautiful colors in the skies.
From a distance with the naked eye there has been an amazing depth of colors and contrast.
By zooming in closer, the vibrance explodes! I walked from the backyard to the front yard. Floating seemingly above the trees were puffs of pink and blue cotton candy. When I first looked at them, I thought that they almost appeared to extend the tops of the trees.
Below is the view from our patio. Soft colors peaking through just teasing me to go into the back pasture in order to see the full colors of the sunset.
Sunset from the patio
Sunday afternoon the sun peaked through like rays from heaven as if God was reaching down in with a hug and a smile. 
Sun rays from God
God bless you!

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