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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, September 26, 2016

How did that get there?

Have you ever noticed that some things in life have become instinct?   I don't mean the ordinary things,  I mean odd things that trigger a memory.  First of all, I was being appalled that Halloween candy is already up in the stores.
It might be small, but it's frozen and fun
But then I found myself picking up a bag of fun size Milky Way candy bars.  I wasn't thinking,  it was just automatic.  But why?
It looks normal BUT...
I put them in the freezes soon as I got home. Again, without thinking.  Dad and Pat were staying overnight that night.  They arrived as we were eating a late supper. I normally don't do anything for dessert but Saturday night I opened the freezer and pulled out a frozen Milky Way for everyone.  Dad reached out and accepted one while he was saying "We used to have these all the time. Frozen Milky Way candy bars."
Freeze the candy bars for a different treat!
The nougat freezes like taffy. The caramel becomes crispy. And the chocolate crackles off and melts in your mouth. Normally you don't freeze chocolate because it turns white.  These don't last long enough to change color.

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