Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring cleanup

Because of the weather we are a week or two behind cleaning up the outside gardens.  The lawn is too moist to begin the raking.
Many years the tulips are poking through already. No tulips are showing here yet this year!
Sonjia, Duchess, Skyler and Misty Blue all supervised my work.
The only green today were weeds and wildflowers. 
The weeds are now gone. The wildflower looks like a honeysuckle.
I should have trimmed back these shrubs 2 months ago.  Let's hope that my procrastination doesn't harm them.
That is going to look a lot better.  Last year we cut them back to the base of the window.  They grew to the top of the window. I chose to shorten them more this year.
Okay, so this isn't clean up. These are Callie's 4 kittens.
This is their first visit to the feeding pen.
I lifted them in there and made sure they got something to eat. Then I helped them get down.  I need to find something to create steps for them until they can reach.  I had blocks of wood in there last year.  Hmmm.  They disappeared!

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