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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 26, 2018

All that wool!

My shearing team showed up tonight.
Justin got the pleasure of shearing Gizem.  Oh my goodness! He thought the wool would never end!
Wait a minute!  There is something inside of all this wool!
Oh my goodness! There really is a sheep in here!
It went really fast with 2 men working at one time.
The huge pile of fleece (the right half) is ALL from Gizem.  This one tarp full of  wool is from three sheep.  That is only half of my sheep.  I ran after a second tarp.
Look below at how happy the sheep are after that heavy wool was taken off from them.
All DONE!  Hey, I guess my sheep aren't that enormous after all. But you know what that means... ?
I have a huge amount of wool to process.  I will be adding  Llama and Alpaca to this.  We are processing it straight into yarn this year.
Oh, be still my heart <3 isn't Gizem absolutely adorable?!? (Below) His name means mysterious because the coloring on his face is grey and black and it looks like he is wearing a mask.
You can only see four of the sheep in the picture below and that is because the other girl is scratching her back against the piece of farm equipment in the right corner.  I scratched her back for her and a few minutes later two other sheep were standing in line.  

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