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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The tale of three cats

I went to check on Callie's 3 kittens and I was surprised to see the mama cat which abandoned her 4 kittens snuggled up to the kittens.
Mama Callie came in and casually groomed herself. At that point she wasn't concerned that another cat was mothering her kittens.  Monday one of her kittens was stepped on by a steer. We took it to Vet ER but she didn't make it.
Tuesday morning I found 4 kittens in the main barn. 3 were dead and Isabella was barely alive.  Their mama was the black cat here.
Back in the chicken coop Finn is doing well with Isabella and her two kittens. Tiny Isabella is on the top of the pile
They curl around each other so much that it is difficult to tell them apart.
It has been an emotional week at the farm.

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