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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DRAMA! The steer is out ...

This morning after my meeting the dogs started whining. So I  got ready and took them outside.  We hadn't made it to the South pasture when I noticed that Norman had just punched his way through the fence. Dale is with one of his brothers having a guys day out.
Norman and Ethan claim "I didn't do it!"
The electric wire on this section of the fence was disabled. That gave Norman the clearance to push the fence down and climb between the two fences.
Smashed Fencing
I got Norman back in with the 4 - wheeler and the help of 4 Dobermans. Then I parked the ATV in front of the hole until there was time to repair it. Dale suggested that I call Willard to help fix the fence.
Donkeys watch Willard fix the fence
I took an early lunch when Willard showed up and helped get the supplies to the back fence.The steers and donkeys were distracted enough from the activity that they didn't get out again.
Whispy Clouds
At some point, I took an oops shot.  Some of the mistake photos turn out better than the on purpose ones.

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