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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don't cross the line ...

I got an education today. My stepmother walked out of the Hibbing hospital from the North entrance. That is where you enter for the ER as well as a visitors entrance.

It had been snowing off and on throughout the day. As she walked out she slipped on some ice. She broke her left leg and hit the back of her head.
(The knee is pointing up!)
So where is the education?  Hospital policy forced them to call the Fire department, first responders. The ER personnel were not allowed to assist her as she laid on the ground outside their windows.  They covered her and tried to keep her warm but that was the extent of it.
... don't cross that line!  Her leg looks like it is just resting to the side. But no it was twisted that crooked. Please keep Pat in your prayers. 

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