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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday afternoon drive

Everyone loaded up in the dog mobile after having a braat for lunch. We got about a mile away from home when I realized that I didn't put the chip back in the camera. Oops! 
Stop 1, back at home. Off again and we had only made it half the distance when some nut pulling a trailer blew a stop sign. Dale kept us on the road and upright but my heart was in my throat. Stop 2, put up the barrier that fell down during the near miss. Stop 3, get Skyler unstuck as he tried to crawl out the window over my shoulder. 
That was the end of the drama! We took back roads to Albany, Upsala, Holdingford, Avon, St. John's, Cold Spring and back home. 
The news the night before mentioned that the trees were at peak. I found myself attracted to silos and old barns.
Many of the alfalfa fields were ready for a final picking. Not very many of the corn fields were harvested yet. That added to the contrast. 
I hope that the people driving up or down Highway 94 appreciated the beauty surrounding them today. 

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