Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Helping hands

About 3 weeks ago, I tore a tendon in my right  shoulder. Every day it get a little more soar.  I am scheduled for surgery on October 18th.  
Farm Chores
Dale had picked up some of the tasks that I normally do.  My nephews and their friends have come over to help with some of Dale's chores.

Boys ~ what are you doing?
In an attempt to keep the animals out of the way, we put a bale of hay in the pasture.  It looks like they played with their food more than they ate it.
Treat time! 
The boys were all into making a fort.  I recommended they just clean out the second level of this shed and play in here. 
Do a funny pose in the new "fort"
Last spring the county took down a lot of trees. We sold the wood 4 times, theoretically. No one ever committed and paid for it. It is finally getting cut up and moved.
Making wood
The cooler weather made a perfect day to the final group of people to "make wood".  The term we used to use for cutting up down trees for fire wood. 

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