Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Birthday celebration

My sister and I are in California to celebrate my birthday. We had a fabulous day going out on the ocean from Marina Del Rey. We went whale watching and dolphin seeing.
Tabatha took these first 3 pictures. I have been to the ocean several times.  This was her first time to see the ocean. The weather was perfect! 
Tabatha and Trisha at Malibu State Beach
As we walked along Malibu beach we saw what looked like purple rocks along the ocean floor. I recommended that Tabatha pick one up. She suddenly jumped and said, "They are crabs! "  We both had a good laugh. 
Purple rocks aka crabs!
We continued driving up Pacific Coast Highway 1 until it got close to sunset. We found a parking spot by this elevated lookout.  Surfers were catching the waves below and people gathered to enjoy the beautiful sunset. 
Sunset from Pacific Coast Highway, California
God is good! He provided a beautiful day for my birthday!    :^)

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