Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dobie time

I think that I need to learn to relax like my dogs.  But then I would never get moved.  We went out for a run the other day and I guess that Duchess back itched.  She wiggled back and forth other the patch of short grass.  
I don't roll over
We have tried to get her to roll over.  She refuses every time.  Yet when she is playing out in the field she rolls around like a goofy critter.  Look at that SMILE!  She's relaxed and happy.  I have had a rough day and I'm tense and stressed.  I can't wait until this move is over.
Fooled You!
I looked over at the couch after the mid-day run.  Duchess ear way laying so perfect.  It does make me wish that we would have looked for a different vet that would have cropped her ears.  As beautiful as she is with natural ears, she looks remarkable with them up.
I didn't need to get my ears cropped

Her majesty, the Duchess of my house, was soon half falling off the couch.  She had twisted to a point that her back paws were against the back of the couch.  A little bit of a stretch and she was hanging over the edge with her perfectly pointed, totally natural ear.
I need a bigger couch!

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