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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Don't go by feelings!

I walked out of the house this evening to see the clouds that just past by my place with rain showers bubbling up and brewing a storm.  Ironically, that was exactly how I was feeling! Like a storm was brewing from every side.  I received a call a few minutes before 5PM telling me that the closing on the house was being delayed.  There were 3 issues, the title had 3 parcels listed on it and the lawyers just finished the work this afternoon to correct it; the septic system needs to be re-done (work will start next week but the underwriters need to sign off on it); the woman doing my closing is in training until a half an hour before my closing is scheduled.
There's a storm a brewing!
Dale has the trailer packed full and I have the van packed full and they are locked up tight.  Just waiting for the closing to be rescheduled.  It's not IF it is WHEN and I am praying hard that the when is sooner rather than later.
All packed up and no where to go
I am relaxing and watching an old re-run of Quantum Leap.  And Sam just said, "You have to have faith, you must believe! Because even in the face of your so-called facts, miracles can happen!"  Sometimes the Lord sends encouragement from the strangest places.  At sunset, I saw the colors reflecting off the clouds in the East.  I drove out into the country for some clear shots.  In the East, I saw a turtle with a white shell crawling slowly to the West.
Turtle time!
Off to the West, there was a different story.  The sun was dropping down the horizon casting it's colors methodically through the skies.  It created a soft peaceful glow of oranges and yellows and grays.  A calming end to a hectic day.  It almost looks like a stairway to heaven with each step changing colors as God invites us to lean against the ladder and have a chat.  "Lord, these "problems" are all in your hands.  There is nothing that I can do about any of them.  Take them and turn them from problems into blessings. AMEN!"
The colors of sunset that leave a promise of a new day.

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