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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, September 26, 2015

It just fits

Waterfall before ...
I was excited to see the waterfall by the patio.  But my first real thought was, I wonder if my bridge will work with water feature? It fits perfectly, it just does!
Adjusting the water feature
I need to thank my nephew,  Nickolai, for stopping by this afternoon and trimming a couple of trees.  Then he helped move the bridge to the top of the water feature. 
Waterfall by patio with my bridge
We knew that we would need to move some of the rocks to help stabilize the bridge.  Yes, he rolled and moved the rocks until they were in a position that he liked. He said (and I agree) that we need to rustle up a few more rocks.
Close up of waterfall and bridge
One that I need to get from me families homestead is "Funny Face".  More than ever, I need to get that rock and add it to this area.  I'm thinking that it might need to replace the large rock to the right side of the bridge.  Wait until you see that rock.  I am just hoping that I can find it and find someone to move it.

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