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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Has anyone seen my remote?

Don't you hate it when you set down something like a remote and can't figure out where you set it? A couple of weeks ago, my nephew stayed overnight at my house. We watched DVDs together. I haven't used my remote since then.
So when I went to use it one evening this week I could not find it. I looked high and low and still could not find it. I went through every drawer in my desk, every drawer in the DVD cupboard. I went through boxes, under boxes, and over boxes but that remote was nowhere to be found. I flipped over the couch and dug under the seats, it was nowhere to be found. I even looked in the refrigerator just in case it would show up someplace really, really weird. It was nowhere to be found.
Then when making lunch, I thought to myself "You know I was sitting at my desk when I was using the remote the last time with Isaac here. It has to be in a drawer." So I went back to my desk and started unloading everything from the drawers. Sure enough! There it was. It had fallen behind the stack of books.  I had moved the books but I didn't pull them out before. hmmmm The good thing is I found the remote. It drove me crazy for nearly a week but I found the remote.

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