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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, March 7, 2014

A perfect hiding place

Do you have dogs in your house? You know that when you give him a bone every don't feel like chewing it right then, they hide it.

I bought a bag of raw hide bones for the dogs. When I got into the car I gave them each a bone. They began to chew a little bit to begin with and then they got distracted and drop them. Later, I reached down to throw some garbage away that I had sitting in the center console and to my surprise one of the dogs had hid their bone inside of Dale's french fry container.

It must have been Misty Blue because she was in the front seat and it was a place that Duchess couldn't see from the back seat.  Dobermans are such smart dogs; dirty but smart dogs. (I may never get the sand out of my center console. But I love those girls.)

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