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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visiting friends from the past...

On a very rare occasion, I end up away from home for the weekend with my work.  This was one of those weekends.  I found myself in Midland, Texas which is very close to Odessa and Gardendale, Texas.  When I started traveling to this area, my father told me that my aunt's (his sister-in-law's) sister and her husband lived in the area. 

My work schedule does not often allow me the time to visit.  Since we were two back to back weeks with the possibility of needing some weekend time, it worked out for me to take the 15 mile drive.  It would have been a shame to be so close and not had the time to stop by and visit. 

So often we get so busy with life that we forget to take time and smell the roses.

Photo by Trisha Field
Let me show you where to go...
 Saturday was a "dog" day for me.  Throughout the day, I had four different small breeds of dogs greet me. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Cactus Garden

 In an area of the country that is dry and desert style, I was encouraged to see the small speckles of spring color.  The temperature has been wonderful here.  Fifties in the morning and seventies in the afternoon.  Beautiful sunshine, although I know for a fact that they are praying hard for moisture.  One night last week they received two tenths of an inch of rain (.2 inches) and they were excited.  But it looked like the ground was so dry that it didn't sink in very well.

Photo by Trisha Field
A touch of color
 Some of the cacti have thorns coming out of it and others look like the thorns dropped off.  I didn't think to stop and ask why, but I did wonder.  The colors and textures are beautiful and special to the region.

Photo by Trisha Field
Springtime in the desert

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