Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Boasting about my sister, Tabatha

Tabatha decided a while ago to go back to school.  She is tapping into her artistic skills and is going to make her career using her God given talents.  She is one quarter away from being graduating as a graphic artist. 

For years, she has tapped into my accounting skills and now I am tapping into her graphic artist skills.  Part of writing books is promoting them.  A small percentage of people are taken on by publishing companies and the company pays for the promotion.  I am still trying to break through that glass ceiling.

Ad created by Tabatha Nentl
Great Job Tabatha!
I decided to purchase an ad in the Christian magazine "Ministry Today" for one year.  It is published 6 times in the year.  Tabatha has designed a beautiful ad for me to put into the magazine.  It will take up 1/9th of the page.  That means there will be a maximum of 9 advertisements on the page.  To order one of the books yourself follow one of the links shown below:
Second-Hand Tuxedo e-book
The Man I Was e-book
The Man I was paperback

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