Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, August 11, 2012


We spent the morning blanching tomatoes, cutting cilantra, onions, and garlic. I zested a lemon then squeezed the juice into the mix. I added some of pulp. The limes in the grocery didn't look good so I bought lime juice and added several tablespoons.  Then we cooked 4 cobs of corn and cut the corn off.  I added just a small amount of freshly ground peppercorn and ground sea salt. Dale grew habeneros last year and froze them. We took one out of the freezer and chopped it ONLY one for the entire batch.  (Yes, I'm a whimp. I like mild salsa.)

I can't tell you how much it made yet, because it is sitting in two bowls in the fridge.  We tasted some, it has just enough kick for us. Actually, we tasted it several times until it got to the kick and flavor that we wanted. 

We filled a pint jar to take to my aunt and uncles. We are going to the garlic festival this afternoon and they are watching the dogs for us.  Last minute change in plans. :^)

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