Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A busy but relaxing Sunday

No pictures on the cell phone today. I was using the real camera. Mid-day we went to Dale's family reunion.  I only knew about 10 people there so I walked around taking pictures and watching people wonder who I was.  I did that at my 25th class reunion too. 

Since I graduated at the end of my Junior year, I didn't know a large amount of kids from the graduating class.  I ended up sitting at a table where kids from the Junior and Senior class married.  So everyone was trying to read my date's name tag.  They had forgotten that I graduated with them and assumed my boyfriend must have since everyone else at the table was HHS graduates.  It was very entertaining.

Today when we got back from the reunion, the dog sitter was gone with the dogs.  We went straight to the park. She had taken all three leaders with and was walking the dogs in the woods. The must have heard us pull up.  We were sitting at the picnic table quietly waiting. The dogs saw us before Anita did and the took off running. She had nearly two hundred pounds pulling her lightweight frame.

I yelled "let go!" but her instinct was to hold on. The finally pulled her down to the ground.  We spent at least an hour as we took turns tossing a stick into the water for the dogs to retrieve.  Just before we left the park a boat and a pontoon pulled up.  It was time for para-sailing.  I stayed (with my good camera) and took pictures for them.

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