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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, August 5, 2018

For the love of Chickens

With all of the rain this summer the old roof in the old henhouse started collapsing.
There was a major leak by the door too.  Sometimes it just pays to go with something new.
I purchased a new nesting box and put it together today.
It reminds me of the nests in Grandma's chicken barn. The chickens lay the eggs inside and the eggs roll down.  No more chasing chickens off the nest; we rotate the roost up and open the collection area.  
We will eventually put the nest up higher.  Inside the new coop we finished the insulation, we finished adding vapor barrier and put some of the finished walls.  The green mesh is a temporary fix to keep the chickens from pecking up the insulation. 
The chickens were able to run the yard as we worked in their home.
They haven't started laying yet.  I giggle every time I see them walk away. They look like they have fluffy petticoats on!
Here is their home after dark.  I was going to take a picture earlier but everything was in the way.

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