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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Super woman!

The first trailer of hay I stacked 15 bales. The second trailer I stacked 18 bales of hay.
I finished as the sun was starting to set.
Super woman! Aka farm girl. Dale calls me a city farmer but this city farmer knows one thing: picking bales up from the ground is always more difficult than throwing them down from a wagon.
I stacked 15 bales in the barn.  That means I unload the trailer, tossed them over the 2.5-3 foot wall, crawled over the wall and stacked them.
Mama cat talked to me while I stacked bales.
Whew! That was a workout on a hot and humid evening! 
I went back out and gave mama cat a can of soft food.  That is a special treat we give to the cats when we find their hiding spots.

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