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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, May 7, 2018

Mimi's and more

... a lot more! I always like to ask about good restaurants in the area when I travel.  Today I was told the local must visit is Mimi's (Grandma's).
The bread basket included carrot bread a baguette.
I had steak, green beans and that square (looks like lasagna with white sauce) is really scalloped potatoes.  They served garlic butter. I wasn't sure what it was for so I used it on everything. 
Their special dessert was molten chocolate cake. I chose to take home some food from the main meal to leave room for dessert. It was delicious death by chocolate but fell short of being a molten chocolate.
If you find yourself by Mimi's cafe, stop in!
Back at the hotel, I noticed this beautiful flower in the tree.
As I turned around I saw this magnificent majestic and ancient tree.
In the back pool area, there were several small lizards. They moved so fast that I couldn't get close to them.
There was a garden area which caught my eye. 
 Some kind of fruit vine was growing on the other side of the path. 
Behind the hotel was a smaller version of the blooming brush or tree that I was in the parking lot.
There is a big area behind the hotel for parties. 
Or for the National Guard to park their vehicles. 
Wait! Here is the gazebo for the weddings. 
Many trees in the area have this lacy vine hanging down.  I thought that it was one kind of tree.  But watching the trees I realized it was like an open air vine.
Or is it a series of open air plants?
Unusual but beautiful in their own right.
It is Florida. Yes, the pool is outside. And yes, it was beautifully warm for a swim. 
I am on OVERLOAD!  I also worked 8 hours in discovery meetings. 

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