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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chart House

Thursday May 24th, we went to eat at a "local favorite " restaurant near the bay.  It was too much of a favorite and there was no parking.  Plans changed and we ended up on the bay at Chart House. 
This restaurant is built on a dock base maybe a boat base? When a sailboat docked next to us, the restaurant shook.
We ordered bottle spring water which they brought with a slice of lemon and lime then put the glass bottle of water into a chilled crock to retain the chill.
They served bread, small crunchy rolls the way I like it.
We had a great view.
There were people having a party on a docked boat outside our window.
My co-worker was surprised to see the rice in the shape of a pyramid. 
My main meal was swordfish. I have never seen someone slice a cherry tomato into quarters but that is what they did.  This restaurant too was difficult to find something on the menu.  Everything I wanted had bell peppers. 
Except dessert that is! Molten chocolate cake with homemade strawberry ice cream. 
Wow! Someone planned ahead! This water was bottled in 1564! (Just kidding. I know better.)
We were leaving at sunset.  The view was gorgeous!
...and peaceful. 
Boats were still running into and out of the bay.
Look at the sign on this catamaran. It made me smile.  

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